IMCAT Universal AS OF Jan.01th 2014 PART of IMCAT ASIA Co.Ltd  Thailand

Services providing by IMCAT Universal:

  • Provide training
  • Represent agencies
  • Run a consultancy in the broadest sense of the word; help with purchasing/selling, setting up companies/work systems, reorganisation, coaching, recruitment & selection
  • Mediate in the purchase/sale of property/real estate

IMCAT Universal offers integrated language and culture courses as well as management and communication courses for Europeans who plan to go to Asia. There are also courses available for executives, managers and staff who are already employed in Asia and encounter difficulties or whish to learn new techniques. 

The IMCAT Universal Institute in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand offers special courses for Asians planning to live, work or study in Europe. Direct flights are available from Chiang Mai to destinations including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

IMCAT Universal mission and expertise 
IMCAT Universal is an independent knowledge and expertise centre for international and intercultural cooperation.

  • IMCAT Universal aims to contribute to sustainable development, the fight against poverty and the preservation and exchange of culture, and endeavours to increase interest in and support for these objectives in Asia and Europe.
  • IMCAT Universal provides training and offers advice, coaching and information services. The focus is on developing practical expertise that can be applied to policy development and implementation.
  • IMCAT Universal organises exhibitions and other cultural events, and acts as a forum and meeting place.
  • An important motivating factor for IMCAT Universal’s work is the will to increase and share knowledge and understanding of various cultures.
  • IMCAT Universal works for the public and private sectors alike, cooperating closely with partners at home and abroad.

Development as core business

IMCAT Universal core business centres on developing personal skills, behaviour and attitude concerning:

  • Organisation and management
  • Commerce
  • Communication
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Organisational culture
  • Intercultural management
  • Reorganisation of companies and coaching businesses and teams
  • Independent professional consultancy in various fields

Additionally, we act as representatives and serve as agents for organisations such as:

  • KIT Nederland
  • Bumrungrad hospital


Coaching and tutoring 

Many learning and development programmes focus on the individual through coaching or tutoring systems. Several examples include: coaching programmes as follow-up to specific open training courses, coaching geared toward absenteeism prevention, writing skills, career coaching, and educational coaching or crisis coaching.


We increase the effect of our training activities through supervision and consultancy. Examples of IMCAT Universalconsultancy activities include: organisational development programmes, competency management; Personal Development Plans, translating problems into (training) solutions, text quality programmes, management development programmes, strategic education, team development and commercial development.


IMCAT Universal is characterised by a broad range of open training courses and a variety of in-company training courses on leadership and management, personal effectiveness, absenteeism, influence and change, written and verbal communication, commerce, presenting and motivating, teaching and learning.

’Investors in People’ and ‘Teambuilding’

Real-Estate and Travel agency

We have a department in our IMCAT Universal organisation to accommodate your real-estate and travel needs.

To contact us, please send e-mail to:  our head office is in Bangkok Thailand.

 Rob Doeven